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Please unblock gnome-applets/2.22.3-3


please consider gnome-applets/2.22.3-3 for lenny. It fixes the trash
applet not working without gvfs installed (and gvfs was not deemed
stable enough to be part of the default install) by reverting the code
to the 2.20 version that uses GnomeVFS. The patch is quite large but it
reverts to the exact code that was in unstable for 8 months without any
significant issues reported with it.

All changes follow:

   * ro.po: updated Romanian translation from Eddy Petrișor.
     Closes: #489196.
   * Pass --disable-battstat to configure if DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS is kfreebsd as
     battstat doesn't build under GNU/kFreeBSD; thanks Petr Salinger;
     closes: #494301.
   * 02_trashapplet_2.20.patch: revert the trashapplet code to 2.20,
     using GnomeVFS, as we don't want a dependency on gvfs-backends just
     for the trash. Needs revert post-lenny. Closes: #481762.
   * 98_autoreconf.patch: updated accordingly.
   * ja.po: updated Japanese translation from Hideki Yamane.
     Closes: #494094.

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