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Please unblock gdm/2.20.7-2


please consider gdm 2.20.7-2 for lenny. It fixes a very annoying crash
that displays a lot of garbage at shutdown time.

Changes follow:

   * Add "status" support to the init script; bump dep on lsb to >= 3.2-14;
     taken from Ubuntu.
   * Update init script to honor "text" kernel commandline option by not
     starting gdm if this word is found in /proc/cmdline; taken from Ubuntu
     and added -w flag to grep; LP: #256125.
   * 51_selinux_memleak.patch: patch from Julien Cristau to fix a memory
     leak in the SELinux code.
   * 52_shutdown_crash.patch: new patch, fixes crash upon shutdown when
     the daemon is not correctly closed. Closes: #458802.

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