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Please unblock poppler/0.8.6-1


please consider allowing poppler 0.8.6-1 into lenny. This is a new
upstream, but which mostly consists of bug fixes, several of which were
reported to Debian as crashers.

Debian changes follow:

poppler (0.8.6-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/poppler symlink to point at
    /usr/share/doc/libpoppler-glib-dev/html/poppler instead of
    /usr/share/doc/libpoppler-glib-dev/html; LP: #226677.
  * New upstream stable release; bug fixes, no API change.
  * New patch, 60_manpages-cfg-flag, drop unimplemented -cfg flag from man
    pages; FreeDesktop #17222; closes: #461961.
  * Rename patch 001_jpxstream_int_crash to 10_jpxstream_int_crash as we don't
    have that many patches; also add upstream bug id (FreeDesktop #5667) and
    refresh to apply cleanly.
  * Build-dep on pkg-config >= 0.18 to make sure -lpoppler is only in
    poppler-qt's Libs.private (it already is though); closes: #360595.

poppler (0.8.5-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release; no API changes, misc fixes.

Upstream changes consist of:

Release 0.8.6

         * Call error() when font loading fails
         * Be less strict parsing TTF tables (bug #16940)
         * Fix crash due to uninitialized variable

        Qt 4 frontend:
         * Make the paper color setting working as it should
         * Make sure to use the correct page width/height for form widgets coordinates

Release 0.8.5

         * Fix crash on PDF that define a page thumbnail but it's not a Stream
         * Fix crash when Annots object is not of the desired type
         * Fix crash when obtaining fonts in PDF where XObjects link themselves in loops
         * Fix crash on documents with an IRT object
         * Saving should work much better now
         * Plug some memory leaks in Annotation handling
         * pdftohtml: Don't crash on documents that specify an invalid named dest for a link
         * pdftohtml: Make html output to keep all the spaces with  
         * pdftohtml: Improve a bit text layout
         * pdftohtml: Make xml output valid xml

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