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Re: on removing roxen4


> according to #495663, roxen4 includes binaries without source (and other
> not built from source).
> Given that neither it nor its (absolute, i.e. fully broken when roxen4
> would be removed) reverse dependencies (libroxen-form libroxen-xmlutils)
> have been in the last stable release or are terribly popular (roxen4
> popcon is 15 installs), I wonder whether the default option should be
> removal from testing if this isn't fixed in a timely manner.

Aren't you missing some reverse-deps here?
bzed@think:~$ apt-cache rdepends roxen4 | grep libroxen | wc -l

As there's no roxen3 in the archive, it wouldn't make sense to keep them
in the archive - removing them would also clean up the insane mess -
having a package for every plugin is just crazy especially since a lot
of the packages contain only one file. Imho it would be a good thing to
clean this up.

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