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Freeze exception for pyroman

I'd like to request a freeze exception for pyroman.

The new version does NOT have any fixes for RC bugs, so it's not
'essential' that this version goes into lenny. But I mention some
reasons to upgrade anyway below.

However, in version 0.4.6, I did refactor some parts of pyroman:
* Clean up handling of input/output/forward and accept/reject/drop chain
  names, they are now all configured in the example rules files, and default
  to the kernel values otherwise. They are also configurable via XML now.
And the default/example rules were cleaned up (you could count that as
'documentation fixes').

Anyway, here are some reasons to upgrade pyroman:
- there are no open bug reports (except wishlist: 'IPv6 support')
- 20 days in unstable now
- there are no dependencies onto pyroman
- it doesn't have special dependencies (python >= 2.4, iptables)
- upstream (=me) says this version is cleaned up a bit and much better
for release / long term use, and if it weren't for IPv6 support, this
would be a 1.0 release candidate.
- there is only a minimal user base (popcon: 45 inst, 4 vote)

IMHO especially the last one means that we don't need to set the bar too
high for pyroman, and a freeze exception would be ok. If you'd prefer
waiting for some more days, that's fine with me. But because of the
refactoring mentioned, I'd prefer if future users would start with the
0.4.6 version right away, and thus I'd prefer to have this version in a
major release such as lenny.


best regards,
Erich Schubert
    erich@(vitavonni.de|debian.org)    --    GPG Key ID: 4B3A135C     (o_
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