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Please unblock apache2 2.2.9-7


please unblock apache2 2.2.9-7 and hint it into testing with 
apache2-mpm-itk. It fixes a minor security issue and some important 
bugs (two of which are regressions introduced in 2.2.9). Thanks.

apache2 (2.2.9-7) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix XSS in mod_proxy_ftp (CVE-2008-2939).
  * Fix mod_proxy_http losing the query string with noescape (PR
  * Make the balancer manager work in Opera and MSIE (PR 45578).
  * Fix mod_headers "edit" removing multiple headers with the same
    name (PR 45333).
  * Also describe how to get a backtrace from a running process in


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