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Last packages for gnat-4.3 transition

All Ada packages have now transitioned to gnat-4.3 in unstable. Unfortunately,
due to Real Life problems, I uploaded some of them a wee bit too late for the
freeze (they were in the NEW queue when the freeze took place). But now all is
fine with these packages.

There are currently three remaining library packages (gnade, libflorist and
libgtkada2) and one application package (gnat-gps) in unstable and I would like
them all to migrate to testing.  Allowing these packages into testing would fix
the following RC bugs:

#471619 gnade: FTBFS: gnatmake: "/build/user/gnade-1.6.1/tmp/make_gnadeodbc.adb"
compilation error

#475743 libgtkada: not installable in sid

#421140 FTBFS: can't find file `epsf.tex'.

#490418 libgtkada2: FTBFS: gnatmake: "gl_h.ali" incompatible ALI file, please

I hereby request that gnade, libflorist and libgtkada2 be allowed into testing.
gnat-gps should also be allowed into testing after the 10-day period (I
uploaded it yesterday). Note that gnat-gps depends on libgtkada2.

Philipp Kern had objections to gnade; I think I have answered them but please
tell me if there is anything more I could do to help it reach lenny (see

When the new versions are in testing, it will become possible to remove gnat-4.1
from Debian entirely (it has one RC bug).

Ludovic Brenta.

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