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Re: Freeze exceptions related to libdb-ruby

On Sat, Aug 09, 2008 at 12:03:25AM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
> Michael Schutte wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> At the moment, three near-identical source packages called
>> libdb4.2-ruby, libdb4.3-ruby, and libdb4.4-ruby are in Lenny.  A
>> replacement for them, libdb-ruby, is on its way there; this sure is an
>> unwanted situation.  To clean up, I see two possibilities:
>> (1) Remove libdb4.[2-4]-ruby from testing as soon as libdb-ruby has
>>     migrated.  The latter Provides the necessary package names, so no
>>     dependencies will be broken.  Unfortunately, two or three rdeps have
>>     problems with this transition, related to API changes.  I’d like to
>>     get a pre-approval for letting these uploads into Lenny.
> Are bugs filed for these issues already? How big are the needed API changes?

It turns out that gonzui is indeed the only package affected.  The
relevant bug is #494428; it’s not too big of a change.

>> (2) Remove the freeze exception on libdb-ruby.  This obviously is less
>>     work now, but ugly and bad for post-release uploads targetting
>>     lenny/lenny-security.
>> I would prefer (1), but I have no idea when libdb-ruby will migrate.  If
>> you feel this is irresponsible, feel free to go with (2).
>> Then, libdb-ruby has been “building” for ages on peri (hppa).  Could I
>> kindly request it to be scheduled again?
> libdb-ruby given back, though note that it's not guarenteed to get built as 
> keeping the buildd running is more important (ruby1.9 has some nasty 
> issues)...

Okay, this is bad—it failed indeed.  I’m having an eye on libdb-ruby’s
migration stats.  When (if) it enters testing, I’ll come back to you

Michael Schutte <michi@uiae.at>

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