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Freeze exceptions related to libdb-ruby

Hi everybody,

At the moment, three near-identical source packages called
libdb4.2-ruby, libdb4.3-ruby, and libdb4.4-ruby are in Lenny.  A
replacement for them, libdb-ruby, is on its way there; this sure is an
unwanted situation.  To clean up, I see two possibilities:

(1) Remove libdb4.[2-4]-ruby from testing as soon as libdb-ruby has
    migrated.  The latter Provides the necessary package names, so no
    dependencies will be broken.  Unfortunately, two or three rdeps have
    problems with this transition, related to API changes.  I’d like to
    get a pre-approval for letting these uploads into Lenny.

(2) Remove the freeze exception on libdb-ruby.  This obviously is less
    work now, but ugly and bad for post-release uploads targetting

I would prefer (1), but I have no idea when libdb-ruby will migrate.  If
you feel this is irresponsible, feel free to go with (2).

Then, libdb-ruby has been “building” for ages on peri (hppa).  Could I
kindly request it to be scheduled again?

Best regards,
Michael Schutte <michi@uiae.at>

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