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Re: Freeze exception for tmw 0.0.25

Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt schrieb:
> None of these is important. The doc fix could go in, but I'm not sure
> that it's worth your effort.
> Marc

Good morning,

here's a more detailed point of the main The Mana World developer why we
we should choose the latest stable release for Lenny.


Hello Patrick,

Using the 0.0.25 release to the earlier svn snapshot currently
available in Debian is clearly preferable. Reasons are:

1. The snapshot will identify itself as, while having a
near-0.0.25 feature set. Within two months we plan to drop support for and earlier, so users of this snapshot will be wrongly warned
that support for their version has ended.

2. The storing of the visibility of windows in the game is a critical
feature that has delayed the 0.0.25 release. We didn't want to release
a product with an additional window (the shortcut window) that not
everybody will use, without allowing them to hide it and remembering
this setting for the next run.

3. For the rest there have only been small fixes that could of course
be included as patches, but if you're going to do that it really
becomes 0.0.25 but tagged as an older version, so I wouldn't see any
point in not taking our latest stable release.

4. We're not interested in dealing with users having issues that were
fixed for the 0.0.25 release just because Debian decided to use some
earlier svn snapshot. Also, when somebody posts his client log, it
will wrongly say instead of 0.0.25. Not using one of our
releases just leads to more confusion both for the user and for us.

So there you have it from the point of view of a TMW developer.  :-)



In my opinion comment 1. and 2. are the both main reasons to migrate to
the latest stable (while 4. is a bit trolling ;)).

The 0.0.25-1 version is also since the 31. Jul in experimental, without
any problems, Ubuntu has synced the experimental one, too.

Mit freundlichem Gruß / With kind regards,
Patrick Matthäi

E-Mail: patrick.matthaei@web.de

Always if we think we are right,
we were maybe wrong.

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