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Re: Fixing #493051 (biococoa.app: Contents do not match name and description.) in Lenny.

Charles Plessy wrote:
Dear release team,

in the course of reviewing the Debtags for biococoa.app, I realised that
there is a misunderstanding about its name and contents. Its description
corresponds to the BioCocoa library, but the packages (source and
binary) actually only contain the demo application SequenceConverter.

As I think that this requires clarification, I would like to rename the
binary package sequence-converter.app and update its description. I
attached the debdiff for a proposed update of the biococoa.app source
package that would implement this. There is no other unrelated change
apart adding myself to the Uploaders field (I am member of the
maintainer team). I have tested the resulting package and its behaviour
is unchanged by the renaming.

Does this proposed update have the potential to be hinted in Lenny? If
yes, I will upload it to Unstable soon. If no, I would like to know if I
can at least upload an update in which the description of the
biococoa.app binary package is corrected.

Uploading with an updated description is preferred at this stage.



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