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Please allow sphinx 0.4.2-1 into testing


Please allow sphinx 0.4.2-1 to move into testing, as it fixes RC bug
(#492732) which prevents building documentation for python-matplotlib.

0.4.2 is a minor upstream release made especially for fixing this
bug. The only other packaging change is getting rid of bundled jQuery in
binary package.

Here's changelog:

sphinx (0.4.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version. Fixes bug with broken show-inheritance in
    automodule (Closes: #492732)
  * Urgency medium, fixes RC bug.
  * Using jQuery from Debian package, not bundled one:
    - Added dependency on libjs-jquery,
    - Replaced jquery.js by symlink to /usr/share/javascript/jquery/jquery.js


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