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Lenny frozen: time for l10n updates!

Fellow developers,

Now lenny is frozen. This is perfect time for you people to have a
last look at your packages and check whether they're missing some l10n
updates (often debconf l10n).

For this, the i18n team has setup a web page summarizing which
packages currently have unfixed l10n bug reports and thus are
targets for an upload.

That page is indeed called the "l10n NMU campaign" page as it was used
as the reference for the l10n NMUs and update proposals that are
happening since last March.

The listing order on that page depends on a complicated formula
crafted during the first Extremadura i18n meeting, back in 2006, taken
bug age and number of strings into account.

Please have a look at

If one of your packages is listed there, please consider an upload and
don't forget asking our beloved release team to hint the package for
lenny. It is deeply suggested to *avoid* any other update that would
prevent the package to qualify for a freeze exception.

Calling out for new translations and translation updates before
uploading is encouraged. Please use the podebconf-report-po utility
from the po-debconf package.

Your mission is to make the "l10n NMU page" as short as possible
before Lenny is realeased.


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