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freeze-exception for dmraid 1.0.0.rc14-2


Please consider an exception for dmraid 1.0.0.rc14-2
I think this version improve fakeraid support on

It is 20 days old, this is the changelog.

 dmraid  (1.0.0.rc14-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * Merge the following patch from Ubuntu (thanks to Luke Yelavich):
     + 04_generate-uuids.dpatch, Generate UUIDs with DMRAID prefix.
       (Closes: #489967)
     + 05_kernel-event-handling.dpatch, Add support for kernel driver event
       handling support. (Closes: #489968)
     + 06_isw-metadata-fixes.dpatch, Intel Software RAID metadata fixes.
       (Closes: #489969)
     + 07_isw-raid10-nested.dpatch, Add RAID10(0+1) nested RAID level support
       for Intel Software RAID. (Closes: #489970)
     + 08_promise-metadata-fixes.dpatch, Promise metadata fixes.
       (Closes: #489971)
     + 09_promise-add-offsets.dpatch, Add extra offsets where promise metadata
       can be found. (Closes: #489972)
     + 10_jmicron-name-fix.dpatch, Fix segfault when attempting to generate
       name for jmicron controllers. (Closes: #489973)
   * Added 11_fix_segfault_on_big_endian.dpatch (via upstream), it fixes a
     segfault on big-endian platforms (ppc)

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