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Please allow unifont-1:5.1.20080706-1 into testing

Please allow the latest unifont package into Testing. The package,
unifont-1:5.1.20080706-1, was uploaded into NEW last week. I didn't
realize that the Lenny freeze was coming so soon until I saw an
announcement on July 19th, and my sponsor (Anthony Fok) and I hurried
to upload it before the freeze. I had just completed the font's
coverage of the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane on the 6th of July.
Before then, my focus was almost entirely on completing the font.

This new version closes a "Severity: important" bug that I forgot to
mention in debian/changelog: Bug #455101 (incomplete debian/copyright
info). I marked the bug as closed by this version in the BTS, but then
found it would have been better to mark it as "Pending" until the new
version was accepted. I was afraid that without mention of the
copyright file being complete, the package would not have been

In addition, this release closes 4 other bugs and almost closes the
final bug. Here are notes of changes to the package from the
debian/changelog file (in addition to the Bug #455101 fix):

* Adopted orphaned unifont Debian package (Closes: #356594)
* Complete coverage of Unicode 5.1 Plane 0 (first coverage of all Plane 0)
* New version number (5.1) reflects Unicode 5.1 as its design base
* Adds Qianqian Fang's high-quality Wen Quan Yi CJK ideograph bitmaps
* Contains most recent unifont version as of 6 July 2008 (Closes: #218720)
* TrueType font scalable to any size (Closes: #178204)
* Combining characters (e.g., accents) work properly in TrueType font
* PCF font still included for now (TrueType is recommended with latest xfs)
* Incorporates Rich Felker's Tibetan glyphs (Closes: #441357)
* Built and tested under stable Etch release (4.0r3)
* Added unifont-bin utilities package
- Complete unifont font sources in Roman Czyborra's original .hex format
- Roman Czyborra's most important unifont Perl scripts (incl. orig hex2bdf)
- David Starner's modified hex2bdf not included (Debian no longer uses BDF,
and as David Starner noted splitting the BDF font breaks yudit)
- Luis Gonzales Miranda's TrueType unifont conversion scripts
- Paul Hardy's C programs for graphic editing of unifont glyphs
- man pages for all programs
- unitopbm.c not included -- license undetermined (keep bug 62356 open)

This was my first Debian package, but I still assembled it trying to
close all outstanding bugs. This builds on Etch, Sid, and non-Debian
unices that I've tested. I haven't tested it on a non-Intel platform,
but wrote my graphics programs to perform I/O one byte at a time for
byte-order independence. It should be very portable. I'm certainly
willing to fix any errors to get it into Lenny.

Paul Hardy
GPG Key ID: E6E6E390

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