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Re: Bug#356055: loadlin: loadlin.exe cannot be built from source


Just to give an update on the status: I'm currently able to compile a
working loadlin.exe from source thanks to a patch against yasm 0.5.  I
need to port that to 0.7 and submit upstream (actually it should be
easier for upstream to accept it in 0.7 than in 0.5 since the parser got
rewritten by hand).

One sad piece of news is that I wasn't able to contact upstream again:
lermen@fgan.de doesn't work any more.  However, if people confirm
that he has been lost in nature, I intend to maintain loadlin as new
upstream.  In any case, I can already provide a loadlin.exe built from
source that works for Lenny.  I hope to find the time to get my patches
integrated during August.


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