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Re: Preparation of the next stable Debian GNU/Linux update

I'm wondering who wrote:
> > As linux-modules-extra-2.6-etchnhalf was not ready in time we decided to
> > skip it for r4 and include it in r5.
Frans Pop wrote:
> Well done folks. You've again managed to break at least part of the 
> functionality of Debian Installer and, more importantly, left users with 
> a potentially unbootable system after installation.

<fjp> You can now partition using loop-aes encryption, but the modules are not
      available for the installed system.
<fjp> So you cannot access any loop-aes encrypted partitions.
<fjp> Or (hopefully) the installation will fail during finish-install.

Well, it would seem we have the first peice of errata for the end of

How many months do we plan to let users stumble over this before r5?

> This is the third time since Etch where a stable release involving 
> something I have spent a serious amount of my time on is mishandled by 
> the release team.
> I've had it with this mentality where apparently it is OK to just skip 
> proper and timely preparation of releases, where it is OK to do things at 
> the very last possible moment, break promises made to colleague DDs and 
> break their work without any prior communication at all.

We're very good at releasing every day / week (hello, britney, debian-cd). We
*suck* at releasing every X years where every single thing is ad-hoc. As long
as stable release frequency is random and release preparations are ad-hoc, we
will continue to have such problems.

> As you obviously don't appreciate the work done by others to get things to 
> the point that a release is possible, I will not participate in ANYTHING 
> that has to do with releasing Lenny anymore, which means I'm dropping per 
> now a lot of my D-I work, debian-cd work, documentation work and website 
> work and any testing work I normally do.

It might help your motivation slightly to think of stable as a sub-par and
largely irrelevant derived distribution bolted onto the side of the real

see shy jo, who at least can stop feeling bad about his original slink-and-half
            release. Apparently being an official Debian release would not have
            made it any better..

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