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Re: Preparation of the next stable Debian GNU/Linux update

>> New package loop-aes-etchnhalf:
>>  architectures in updates: s390 all amd64 i386 powerpc arm sparc alpha
>>  ia64 mips mipsel hppa version in updates: 3.2c-2~etchnhalf.2
>>  Rationales:
>>   - 3.2c-2~etchnhalf.1: loop-aes-etchnhalf - source compatible w/
>>   etchnhalf kernel

> As linux-modules-extra-2.6-etchnhalf was not ready in time we decided to
> skip it for r4 and include it in r5.

Well done folks. You've again managed to break at least part of the 
functionality of Debian Installer and, more importantly, left users with 
a potentially unbootable system after installation.

This is the third time since Etch where a stable release involving 
something I have spent a serious amount of my time on is mishandled by 
the release team.
I've had it with this mentality where apparently it is OK to just skip 
proper and timely preparation of releases, where it is OK to do things at 
the very last possible moment, break promises made to colleague DDs and 
break their work without any prior communication at all.

As you obviously don't appreciate the work done by others to get things to 
the point that a release is possible, I will not participate in ANYTHING 
that has to do with releasing Lenny anymore, which means I'm dropping per 
now a lot of my D-I work, debian-cd work, documentation work and website 
work and any testing work I normally do.

Frans Pop

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