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Re: tasksel, meta-gnome2, cheese and now abiword

* Josselin Mouette [Thu, 24 Jul 2008 15:37:15 +0200]:

> > I've set cheese to need 8 days instead of 10; that should give a 2-day
> > padding for cheese and meta-gnome2 to migrate (in 6 days) before taskel
> > does (in 8). If you could check that in 6 or 7 days meta-gnome2 has
> > migrated, that'd be great -- if problems have arised, we can temporarily
> > block taskel until we get it sorted out.

> Thanks. 

> Unfortunately, in the meantime, a new abiword was uploaded and makes
> gnome-office uninstallable. I have a new meta-gnome2 ready in the SVN to
> support it, but I’d like your approval before uploading.

> If there are no new uploads, abiword will be ready in 2 days but will
> need to wait for meta-gnome2. If I upload now, meta-gnome2 will be ready
> in 6 days, still in time to migrate with cheese and abiword before
> tasksel.

> The other option is to do nothing and let abiword 2.6 miss the freeze
> window, but that would really be a shame given the huge improvements it
> brings.

abiword needs 2 days thanks to urgency abuse; I've set it up to 10 days:
it sounds ludicrous to let a major upstream version with significant
changes to the packaging migrate with urgency=high.

With that, we'll let the current meta-gnome2 + cheese + tasksel migrate,
and after that happens you can upload a new meta-gnome2 adapted to the
new abiword. Come by for a freeze exception once you make that upload.


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