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Re: Bug#484121: fixed in tasksel 2.75

* Josselin Mouette [Tue, 22 Jul 2008 11:52:45 +0200]:

> Le mardi 22 juillet 2008 à 04:32 +0000, Joey Hess a écrit :
> >    Please note that this upload should not be allowed to reach testing before
> >    meta-gnome2 2.22.2~2 does. However, I've been waiting on that for exactly
> >    one month, and this version of tasksel does need to get into lenny for the
> >    release.

> Thanks for the upload.

> Dear release team, could you please bump the urgency of cheese and
> meta-gnome2 to ensure they reach testing before tasksel ?

I've set cheese to need 8 days instead of 10; that should give a 2-day
padding for cheese and meta-gnome2 to migrate (in 6 days) before taskel
does (in 8). If you could check that in 6 or 7 days meta-gnome2 has
migrated, that'd be great -- if problems have arised, we can temporarily
block taskel until we get it sorted out.


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