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Re: Upcoming librrd transition?

* Sebastian Harl [Sat, 14 Jun 2008 13:12:08 +0200]:

Hello, Sebastian.

> The latest version of rrdtool (which has been released last Thursday)
> includes a SONAME version bump because of some rather small but
> incompatible changes to the API

  (a) why the SONAME bump if only the API has changed? was the ABI
      changed too? (maybe it was, but I need to be extra-cautious here)

  (b) can you *please* stop embedding the SONAME in the name of the -dev
      package? A good time to do it would be this transition, if it
      finally happens.

> Is that transition fine before Lenny?

Speaking for me, depends on when we get able to finish the current
ongoing mess. If it takes too long, I'm afraid we'll have to pass. We'll
give you a definitive answer in a few days.


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