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Upcoming librrd transition?


(Please Cc me in replies, I'm not subscribed to -release - thanks!)

The latest version of rrdtool (which has been released last Thursday)
includes a SONAME version bump because of some rather small but
incompatible changes to the API (which should not affect any packages in
Debian though - see below).

The following packages currently build-depend on librrd2-dev:

 * lm-sensors
 * ntop
 * nfdump
 * rrdcollect
 * ganglia-monitor-core
 * collectd
 * lm-sensors-3
 * hobbit

I've successfully rebuilt all of them, which was as simple as replacing
"librrd2-dev" with "librrd4-dev" in the build-dependencies and running
debuild(1). I could not spot any problems in the build logs but I could
not do much functional testing either. I don't expect any problems

Is that transition fine before Lenny? How do you want me to proceed?


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