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ghc6 transition overview


Am Dienstag, den 20.05.2008, 01:03 +0100 schrieb Thiemo Seufer:
> Several packages are stuck in "Building" status for 47 days on peri, for
> no apparent reason:
> gcj-4.1
> haskell-hsql-odbc
> haskell-hsql-postgresql
> haskell-hsql-mysql
> Maybe giving them back helps.

Thanks Thiemo.

Here is a small overview of the ghc6 related packages.

A lot of haskell packages are in state "Building", although not for so
long yet, which is very good:

All on powerpc:
      * haskell-anydbm
      * ftphs
      * haskelldb
      * haxml
      * haskell-hgl
      * haskell-hsh
      * haskell-hsql
All on s390:
      * haskell-glut
All on mipsel:
      * haskell-hgl
All on mips:
      * pandoc

pandoc on mips is currently building, so hopefully will be in that state
soon as well.

These can be restarted, dependencies are available:
haskell-http # (powerpc)
haskell-hgl # (s390)

So this still needs to happen for the ghc6 transition:
* pandoc needs to build on powerpc (it’s already given back)
* build problem of hdbc-sqlite3 on hppa debugged

Things are looking good, thanks to all those involved,


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