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Re: Testing migration doesn't check build-depends?

Adeodato Simó wrote:

> * Fabio Tranchitella [Wed, 07 May 2008 07:12:57 +0200]:
>> britney (the testing migration script)
>> doesn't check build-dependencies. I don't know if it is release-team
>> intention to change this in the future or not, but it is how it's working
>> right now.
> Yes, I believe it'll be wanted at some point (personally not sure when
> until we could analyze the impact of the change).

Getting back on topic: debcheck can give an overview of the impact.

As of the time of writing, debcheck reports:
Type of Issue   ANY     EVERY   alpha   amd64   arm     armel   hppa    i386    ia64    mips    mipsel  powerpc s390    sparc
BuildDepends    367     72      135     91      126     312     133     78      119     132     133     96      114     98
BD(main only)   340     68      114     83      104     288     112     74      99      114     115     78      95      79

Most of the EVERY packages build depend on debhelper (>=7), but don't
have an exact number right now.

For the last few hours I've been trying to add Sources-files support to edos-debcheck,
but seems like I got something wrong and now I broke it (doesn't report broken relationships).

I wrote a small shell script[1] which takes a --input argument with a Sources file name,
stripping down, expanding, and doing a second strip down, on the contents of Sources.
The resulting minimised Sources is meant to be seeded to the modified edos-debcheck
(the only changes e-dc needs is checking for B-{D,C}{,-I}).
But like I said, somehow I broke edos-dc with my changes, so my script is useless for now.


> Cheers,

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