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Re: [SRM] sysvinit update for etchnhalf

dann frazier wrote:
> The sysvinit team (or at least the one member who had time to reply)
> has given me their nod to go ahead and request this update for
> etchnhalf.
> The issue this resolves and the fix is best described here:
>  http://linux-ata.org/shutdown.html
> This patch has been in sysvinit since 2.86.ds1-40, first entering
> unstable in 2.86.ds1-47 on 2007.12.31 and into testing on 2008.01.11
> with no known regressions.
> Testing of this update has been performed on both etch and etchnhalf
> kernels, on both an IDE system and one that uses libata:
>  http://teams.debian.net/lurker/message/20080430.232539.ef917353.en.html
> May I upload to p-u?

Yes, please upload.



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