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Re: libgtksourceviewmm 2.2.0 SONAME transitions

Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> writes:

> * Deng Xiyue [Mon, 05 May 2008 14:08:23 +0800]:
>> 在 2008-05-04日的 22:10 +0800,Deng Xiyue写道:
>> > Hello release team,
>> > libgtksourceviewmm 2.2.0 has bumped SONAME from libgtksourceviewmm-2.0-1
>> > to libgtksourceviewmm-2.0-2, which requires rebuilds of its rdepends:
>> > nemiver
>> > Currently libgtksourceviewmm 2.2.0-1 targets experimental and is now
>> > sitting in NEW.  Please grant its unstable upload after it gets out.
>> > Thanks.
>> Now it is out of NEW and ready to upload to unstable.  I've built
>> nemiver with this version without problem.  Please grant its upload, and
>> schedule a binNMU of nemiver for libgtksourceviewmm-2.0-2.  Thanks.
> Since it only affects one package, please upload. It'll wait on cairo to
> migrate AFAICS. If you notice cairo 1.6 migrating and sourceviewmm not
> after some days, please send another mail to -release and we'll hint it.

cairo currently breaks d-i and this is a serious regression for
us. Please take a look at #477331 for reference.

I do want to get cairo fixed as soon as possible and I'd like to know
if people could revert its changes to last back know good state.

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