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Re: libgtksourceviewmm 2.2.0 SONAME transitions

在 2008-05-04日的 22:10 +0800,Deng Xiyue写道:
> Hello release team,
> libgtksourceviewmm 2.2.0 has bumped SONAME from libgtksourceviewmm-2.0-1
> to libgtksourceviewmm-2.0-2, which requires rebuilds of its rdepends:
> nemiver
> Currently libgtksourceviewmm 2.2.0-1 targets experimental and is now
> sitting in NEW.  Please grant its unstable upload after it gets out.
> Thanks.

Now it is out of NEW and ready to upload to unstable.  I've built
nemiver with this version without problem.  Please grant its upload, and
schedule a binNMU of nemiver for libgtksourceviewmm-2.0-2.  Thanks.

Deng Xiyue, a.k.a. manphiz

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