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Re: libgtksourceviewmm 2.2.0 SONAME transitions

* Deng Xiyue [Mon, 05 May 2008 14:08:23 +0800]:

> 在 2008-05-04日的 22:10 +0800,Deng Xiyue写道:
> > Hello release team,

> > libgtksourceviewmm 2.2.0 has bumped SONAME from libgtksourceviewmm-2.0-1
> > to libgtksourceviewmm-2.0-2, which requires rebuilds of its rdepends:

> > nemiver

> > Currently libgtksourceviewmm 2.2.0-1 targets experimental and is now
> > sitting in NEW.  Please grant its unstable upload after it gets out.

> > Thanks.

> Now it is out of NEW and ready to upload to unstable.  I've built
> nemiver with this version without problem.  Please grant its upload, and
> schedule a binNMU of nemiver for libgtksourceviewmm-2.0-2.  Thanks.

Since it only affects one package, please upload. It'll wait on cairo to
migrate AFAICS. If you notice cairo 1.6 migrating and sourceviewmm not
after some days, please send another mail to -release and we'll hint it.


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