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Re: britney

* Joerg Jaspert (joerg@debian.org) [080418 23:14]:
> On 11359 March 1977, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > So, what I would propose would be to either allow the release user to
> > run dak control-suite -s testing, and/or to allow some people (including
> > the release user) to change bin_associations and src_associations as far
> > as it concerns testing. With that, running britney could be migrated to
> > the release user.
> I wouldn't want a non-ftpteam user to run such commands if there are
> other ways, and your description shows that there are.

Actually, I don't mind about the exact details. I'm happy with all that
allows us to specify some heidi-file and say "set testing to that file".
That were just two ideas I have in my mind - but if you prefer something
different, I don't mind either.

> Then have it trigger something on ftpmaster side (ssh trigger, regular
> cronjob looking for a defined file, whatever) that imports it (if its valid).

I would prefer if the time shift between "call the interface-script" and
"appears in the database" is minimal - just for the single reason that
run-time of britney varies a lot, and I always consider it useful being
able to use dak ls directly after britney to see what *really* migrated
and what not. (Of course, you could schedule a cronjob every 5 minutes -
on the other hand, if it runs as user dak on a certain file, why not do
that via sudo - I don't see the large difference?)


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