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Re: britney

On 11359 March 1977, Andreas Barth wrote:

> So, what I would propose would be to either allow the release user to
> run dak control-suite -s testing, and/or to allow some people (including
> the release user) to change bin_associations and src_associations as far
> as it concerns testing. With that, running britney could be migrated to
> the release user.

I wouldn't want a non-ftpteam user to run such commands if there are
other ways, and your description shows that there are.

You said "it produces a list in heidi/control-suite-format", so well. We
can think about something similar to the transitions. Have a script that
parses the file, checks $wholelotsofstuff, then commits it.
Then have it trigger something on ftpmaster side (ssh trigger, regular
cronjob looking for a defined file, whatever) that imports it (if its valid).
(ssh trigger would also enable release.d.o to be on a different host
than ftpmaster, if that would ever be needed).

bye, Joerg
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