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FreeRadius in lenny

Hi all,

It looks like we'll be doing an upload of the 2.x series of freeradius
soon, either to experimental or unstable.  We've gotten most of the
major upgrade bugs smoothed out of the way, but there are a few that are
impossible to handle.  The old version (and at least for now, the
current version) ships conffiles in the .deb, so we can't mess about
with them in maintainer scripts.  There are some configurations that
will break, although simple ones should work with no changes.

We've debated doing an apache style transition, and shipping freeradius2
alongside of freeradius, but there are some major downsides.  There is
unlikely to be another release of the 1.x series of freeradius, so
upstream security support is out.  Since the code bases have diverged
fairly massively at this point, it will be non-trivial to even figure
out if a new bug even applies, much less get a working patch.  Add to
that the usual hassle of supporting extra packages, and you get the idea
why I don't like that plan.

That being said, if people feel it really is too disruptive, I'm open to
counter arguments.  This mail is mostly a feeler for opinions from the
release team (and other interested people) - would you be OK with
something in the release notes?  Is it too disruptive?

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