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Bits from the GNU Libc Maintainers

Hi release team,

As we are really close to the toolchain freeze, let's give the status of
the glibc package.

General Status

The bad news is that the version in testing is not ready for Lenny. The
good news is that the version in unstable is a good candidate for 
Lenny, but is only 2 days old, so it will miss the freeze by a few days.
I hope you will allow it to move to testing anyway.

Work to be done for the release

This version has two RC bugs:

* #382175: glibc: contains possibly non-free code
  As it is not a regression from Sarge and Etch can we tag this bug 

* #442858: libc6-prof: programs linked agains libc_p.a crash with a SEGV
  This bug is more problematic, and was mostly ignored as it never 
  prevented the package to move to testing, and nobody has real 
  motivation to fix it. It is a regression from Etch, so it has to be 
  fixed. If we are not able to fix it in time, we may consider removing
  this package, as oprofile/sysprof is more useful than building with -p
  those days. Also now that we can't make big changes anymore, we should 
  have more time to work on that.

Things we would like to see

Among the changes we haven't been able to make before the freeze, there 
is the switch to gcc-4.3 on all architectures. Here are the release 
architectures still using gcc-4.2:
- arm: one test in the testsuite fails. Not yet really investigated, I 
  am only sure it comes from the switch to gcc-4.3.
- s390: one small issue in the nexttoward() function which only concerns 
  the 32-bit version.
- hppa: ld.so does not work. An issue has been identified in gcc-4.3 and
  the problem is being working on upstream [1].
- alpha: most of the floating point tests fail. The problem is not 
  present in the ev67 version. Also the gcc testsuite shows a lot of 

Would it be possible to get a freeze exemption to switch gcc-4.3 on arm, 
s390 and hppa if the problems are fixed in a short timeframe?
Switching to gcc-4.3 on alpha seems far more problematic.

Changes from Etch

Let's end by a few major changes from the Etch version that may have an
entry in the release notes:
- All Linux platforms except hppa have switched to NPTL. 2.4 kernels
  are not supported anymore.
- Tri-arch support has been added to MIPS, that is n32 and 64 ABI have
  been added in addition to the o32 ABI. They need a MIPS64 processor. 
- /etc/gai.conf could be used to configure IPv6 name resolution, as
  specified in  RFC3484.


[1] http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=35705

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