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Re: FreeRadius in lenny

On Sun March 30 2008 16:48:50 Stephen Gran wrote:
> That being said, if people feel it really is too disruptive, I'm open to
> counter arguments.  This mail is mostly a feeler for opinions from the
> release team (and other interested people) - would you be OK with
> something in the release notes?  Is it too disruptive?

I have long wished for access to both the previous version's
default conffiles and the new version's default conffiles.
(This applies to many packages, not just freeradius.)
Sometimes I remember to make the necessary copies and
sometimes I don't.

Having this information, whether in the package or from some
other source, helps to figure out what changes are needed to
the live conf files, and may even permit a VCS-type automated
merge in some cases.

We very much depend on your freeradius package.  Thank you!

--Mike Bird

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