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Re: binNMU request: libexiv2-0 => libexiv2-2

> The subject is misleading; you seem to be asking for permission to start a
> transition, not for binNMUs?


> If all of these packages have the same versions in testing and unstable,
> then it should be fine to start the transition.  If some do not, then those
> would need closer examination to be sure they aren't tied to existing
> transitions.

from christopher martin about gwenview:
"you could go ahead with the exiv2 transition and then binNMU 
gwenview, but I guess to complete the transition quickly you'd need to 
yank gwenview from testing, where it would remain absent until gcc-4.3 
moves down (corrent me if I'm wrong here)."

exiv2-0.16-1 uploaded today. it's in the NEW queue.



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