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Re: binNMU request: libexiv2-0 => libexiv2-2

On Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 01:15:43PM +0100, Fathi BOUDRA wrote:

> after the upcoming upload of exiv2-0.16

The subject is misleading; you seem to be asking for permission to start a
transition, not for binNMUs?

> , the follwing packages need a binNMU:

>   ufraw
>   qtpfsgui
>   python-pyexiv2
>   libkexiv2-3
>   kphotoalbum
>   gwenview
>   gpscorrelate-gui
>   gpscorrelate
>   gimp-ufraw
>   digikam

> Could i upload exiv2 ?

If all of these packages have the same versions in testing and unstable,
then it should be fine to start the transition.  If some do not, then those
would need closer examination to be sure they aren't tied to existing

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