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Re: Python 2.5 as release goal

Le mardi 22 janvier 2008 à 11:58 +0100, Matthias Klose a écrit :
> If some people are unwilling to use metadata (Steve Langasek's mail
> about which packages need a rebuild is unanswered), then it should not
> hinder others to use it correctly instead of moving it out of our
> metadata data base.

The metadata is both insufficient and incorrect, and it is not possible
to use it to generate the list of packages needing a rebuild. You can
still argue about the contrary and generate a wrong list, but I doubt it
will be useful to anyone.

> One goal of the last python transition was to ease transitions and
> migrations between unstable and testing.  Recently people add
> versioned dependencies again to packages as a more comfortable way to
> specify dependencies for applications not using the standard python
> version.  This is countproductive to transitions, as the removal of a
> supported python version requires immediate recompilation of all other
> packages depending on this version.  This should be fixed before the
> transition.  I'll file bug reports for these packages.

These dependencies are necessary for python:Provides to be meaningful.
If they are removed, then most python:Provides fields MUST be removed as
well. Otherwise, you might have easier transitions, but wrong
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