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Re: Python 2.5 as release goal

Ari Pollak writes:
> Hi Release Team,
> As far as i can tell, nobody has brought up upgrading the default
> Python to 2.5 as a release goal. Joss outlined the steps necessary for
> the transition here:
> http://people.debian.org/~terpstra/message/20071005.180427.1dddb386.en.html
> and the list of bugs that need to be fixed to work with python as 2.5
> is here: http://people.debian.org/~terpstra/message/20071005.180427.1dddb386.en.html
> I'm sure there are a few people who wouldn't mind overseeing this as a
> release goal. But if you can't find any, I'd be willing to do so.

The report is a bit naive in believing that a simple recompilation is
enough.  There are at least mismatching PyMem_*/PyObject_* function
calls which result in segfaults with python2.5.  I'll go over the
extensions in the next two weeks.  Any help is welcome.

To decouple the transition from other transitions I'd like to see more
extensions be built for both python versions.  I'd like to see at least
subversion and wxwdigets be built in that way.  Not a hard requirement.

If some people are unwilling to use metadata (Steve Langasek's mail
about which packages need a rebuild is unanswered), then it should not
hinder others to use it correctly instead of moving it out of our
metadata data base.

One goal of the last python transition was to ease transitions and
migrations between unstable and testing.  Recently people add
versioned dependencies again to packages as a more comfortable way to
specify dependencies for applications not using the standard python
version.  This is countproductive to transitions, as the removal of a
supported python version requires immediate recompilation of all other
packages depending on this version.  This should be fixed before the
transition.  I'll file bug reports for these packages.


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