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Re: Proposed release goal: Switch to dash as /bin/sh to speed up the boot

[Lucas Nussbaum]
> Wouldn't it be better to first try to report and solve all the
> issues we can easily report and solve? That is:

This is the kind of feedback I was interested in. :)

Perhaps it would be better.  Or, perhaps those issues should be RC
now, half a year before the freeze, to draw more attention to them and
get more people to focus on fixing them.

> If we make the switch now, it will make all those issues RC, and I'm
> not sure we need 100+ more RC bugs.

I guess it would depend on how important it is to get dash as /bin/sh
for Lenny.  If it is important, it is better to get the RC bugs early
instead of shortly before the freeze.  If it is less important, it
could stay non-RC and not be implemented for Lenny if enough people
fail to update their packages in time.

I wish I had time to focus on the dash issue, but I am instead
focusing on the dependency based boot sequencing for now.  I am very
pleased to see the work on fixing build issues with dash as /bin/sh,
and hope the other issues you mention will be addressed too.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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