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Re: Sid: strange dependence conflict xinetd and openbsd-inetd

On 08/01/2008, David wrote:
> From long ago, xinetd is due for upgrade (from version 1:2.3.14-1.1
> to 1:2.3.14-5). But, when I select upgrade, synaptic prompts to
> remove openbsd-inetd.
> I have checked the dependences and conflicts of both xinetd and
> openbsd-inetd and I do not see any reason for this behaviour.

Insufficient here:
$ apt-cache show openbsd-inetd | egrep 'Conflicts|Provides'
Provides: inet-superserver, netkit-inetd
Conflicts: netkit-inetd

$ apt-cache show xinetd | egrep 'Conflicts|Provides'
Provides: inet-superserver
Conflicts: inet-superserver

> Is there anything to fix?

That's one or the other, and that's all.

> Please Cc to me when replying.



Cyril Brulebois

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