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Re: Proposed release goal: Switch to dash as /bin/sh to speed up the boot

Petter Reinholdtsen dixit:

>I do not see the advantage of increasing the complexity by making it
>easier to change /bin/sh to anything but dash and bash.

First of, this is already possible, so that wouldn't be a change, just
keeping currently existing behaviour.

Second, Debian policy states that /bin/sh can be any POSIX compatible
shell, not just GNU bash and dash. So you'd have to change the policy
to forbid people to install mksh, pdksh, AT&T ksh, whatever as /bin/sh.

>None of the other shells are commonly used as replacement /bin/sh

Not commonly in Debian, but in other operating systems. Actually, Korn
shell variants are QUITE common in a lot of places (the BSDs, Interix
aka Microsoft SFU/SUA, UWIN, Solaris, just to name a few I know off-hand).

This way, portability problems in scripts can be found easier, as can
possible bugs (or non-bug issues) in the shells. (The next major version
of mksh will not define “stop” as a shell alias any longer if it's called
as -sh or */sh to prevent more bugs like #424213 to be filed.)

Please consider keeping current policy and implementing the alternatives
system like the window manager stuff in the Debconf tutorial.


PS: I'd appreciate keeping me in Cc: as I'm not subscribed to the list.
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