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Re: binNMU request for geany

On Thu, Jun 07, 2007, Damián Viano wrote:
> Because actually the dependency is just to use the same gtk runtime
> library that geany was built against (i.e building against 2.8, and
> running against 2.10 wont work), unfortunately I've built the i386
> binary on a outdated pbuilder with gtk 2.8 and gtk 2.10 is now on sid
> which makes geany dnd code unhappy.

 My understanding is that this version requirements comes from the
 "global.tags" file which has an impressive amount of references to the
 Gtk symbols and macros.

 It seems to me this file is compiled upstream from whatever Gtk (and
 other) sources upstream is using; perhaps you can build these at build
 time by build-deping on libgtk2.0-dev and friends and point geany at
 the headers instead?  It certainly would avoid the risk of upstream
 using a more recent Gtk than us.

 Or perhaps users can build their own tags?

Loïc Minier

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