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64-bit transition deadline (Re: Etch in the hands of the Stable Release Managers)

On Sun, Apr 08, 2007 at 02:54:12PM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
>  * We want to restrict the release cycle for Lenny to less than 2 years,
>    we want to discuss experiences of Etch first though to get a more 
>    accurate time planning.

2 years means april 2009, which is past the 64-bit transition deadline:


I believe (and if you read the document above, you'll probably believe too)
that it is of the utmost importance that lenny is released _before_ the
transition deadline in late 2008.

This is when a new 64-bit OS of choice will forcibly be stablished.  Microsoft
is not ready now, and they'll be barely ready by then.  If we can beat them on
64-bit while they keep their dominance on 32-bit PCs, they'll face the same
destiny that doomed Digital Research when the 8-bit market collapsed:


If a date that fits in this schedule is chosen, I would be very motivated to
participate in the release process and offer my help (as soon as I complete
my personal lists of things I'd like to see in lenny).

Robert Millan

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