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Re: libgd2 migration (was: Please unblock dvipng 1.9-2)

On Fri, Feb 09, 2007 at 12:33:54PM +0100, Frank Küster wrote:
> Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> wrote:

> > Varun Hiremath wrote:
> >> Dear Release Team,
> >>    Please consider unblocking dvipng 1.9-2.

> >> Changelog:

> >> dvipng (1.9-2) unstable; urgency=high

> >>  * Substitute tetex-base with tetex-bin in Depends (Closes: #409400)
> [...]
> > Unblocked.

> Thank you.  However, as Torsten pointed out, it cannot go into testing
> because it is linked against libgd2-xpm which has a new upstream
> version, and hence tight dependency, in sid.

> The changelog of libgd2 indicates that all uploads were targetted at
> etch.  However, I cannot find and unfreeze request, or other discussion
> related to libgd2, on -release.

> What are the release team's and maintainer's plans for that package?

The changelog may imply the uploads are targetted at etch, but the changeset
is not reasonable to review and there is nothing in the changelog that even
indicates any of the changes are needed for etch.

So I think dvipng needs a t-p-u upload.

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