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libgd2 migration (was: Please unblock dvipng 1.9-2)

Hi all,

Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> wrote:

> Varun Hiremath wrote:
>> Dear Release Team,
>>    Please consider unblocking dvipng 1.9-2.
>> Changelog:
>> dvipng (1.9-2) unstable; urgency=high
>>  * Substitute tetex-base with tetex-bin in Depends (Closes: #409400)
> Unblocked.

Thank you.  However, as Torsten pointed out, it cannot go into testing
because it is linked against libgd2-xpm which has a new upstream
version, and hence tight dependency, in sid.

The changelog of libgd2 indicates that all uploads were targetted at
etch.  However, I cannot find and unfreeze request, or other discussion
related to libgd2, on -release.

What are the release team's and maintainer's plans for that package?

Regards, Frank
Dr. Frank Küster
Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Protein Folding @ Inst. f. Biochemie, Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer (teTeX/TeXLive)

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