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Re: espeak 1.19-2

Mario Lang wrote:

I've just uploaded a new upstream version of espeak to sid, since
this version fixes some important issues, and adds changes that are
very important for the accessibility community:

* 1.19 fixes a BigEndianness issue which made espeak build, but not
  run on platforms like PowerPC.
* A libespeak API change which allows programs using libespeak to
  retrieve speech data asynchronously.  This is going to be required
  for espeak-using software like gnome-speech (and possible
* Improve some non-english languages as well as add totally new ones like

I am convinced at least 1.19 should go into etch.  We should not release
with 1.16.

153 files changed, 18014 insertions(+), 4951 deletions(-)

Too many changes to review, I'm not willing to unblock it. Do you want the current version in etch be removed?



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