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espeak 1.19-2

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I've just uploaded a new upstream version of espeak to sid, since
this version fixes some important issues, and adds changes that are
very important for the accessibility community:

* 1.19 fixes a BigEndianness issue which made espeak build, but not
  run on platforms like PowerPC.
* A libespeak API change which allows programs using libespeak to
  retrieve speech data asynchronously.  This is going to be required
  for espeak-using software like gnome-speech (and possible
* Improve some non-english languages as well as add totally new ones like

I am convinced at least 1.19 should go into etch.  We should not release
with 1.16.

Since there is no package in Debian using libespeak1 yet (instead of espeak
itself), the API change is not a real problem (yet).

Please hint it into etch, thanks.

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