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Please hint Vim for etch

The version of Vim currently in unstable (1:7.0-164+3) fixes numerous
bugs.  There are also a number of crash bugs fixed in the upstream
patches since 122 (specifically patches 127, 134, 135, 152[0], 153).  In
case the number of changes between the versions in testing and unstable
are considered too numerous, I've also prepared a package[1] targeted
at t-p-u which contains solely the important changes/bug fixes since
1:7.0-122+1.  Below are the bugs fixed in the t-p-u package.

 401000 - stale diversions when upgrading from Woody
 399024 - unable to upgrade from testing to unstable -- manpage alternatives
 396934 - Generate tags file in vim-runtime.postinst and stop shipping the tags file
 395413 - hang when 'foldnestmax' is set to a negative number
 392840 - changelog.vim ftplugin calls invalid command
 368754 - Russian manpage handling (depends on 399024 fix)
 347420 - translation update for swapfile prompt in zh_TW locale



[0] - The current package in testing has a fix for 395413 but I've
      pulled upstream's fix for the packages targeted at t-p-u.

[1] - http://people.debian.org/~jamessan/vim_1:7.0-122+1.etch1/
GPG Key: 1024D/61326D40 2003-09-02 James Vega <jamessan@debian.org>

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