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Re: Bug#369839: Please unblock couriergraph 0.25-1.1

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):
>>>> In my opinion this is only a minor change that will avoid a manual
>>>> move of the couriergraph.cgi script to the correct location.
>>> Yes, I'm pretty sure this would be acceptable -- couriergraph is the only
>>> package in the archive using /usr/lib/cgi-lib, so as long as this is a
>>> script that is intended to be invoked directly as a CGI, moving it to the
>>> right place sounds fine.
>> Fine. With Steve's Holy Blessing, I'd be happy to sponsor that upload
>> but I prefer leaving this to the real maintainer, if possible.
> I'll do the upload today.
> José Luis, I added a few translations updates/additions and I also
> changed one of your changes:
> you switched from DH_COMPAT to debian/compat which is IMHO
> fine....however, doing so you changed the debhelper compatibility
> level from 4 to 5, which is definitely not acceptable by the release
> tema now (they already mentioned this to other maintainers).
> So, I changed it back to 4 in 0.25-2 which I'll upload.

Thank you very much.

It seems it somehow slipped through my last check (not as thorough as it
should have been, it seems), when I realized that could be too much of a
change... plus makes backporters' life unnecesarily harder.


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