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Re: coreutils 5.97-5.2

This one time, at band camp, Steve Langasek said:
> To no effect; this version still has an RC bug on it due to the s390 build
> failure.  Given that we can't autobuild this package on s390 right now, that
> needs to be fixed anyway for release.

The build failure on s390 does not appear arch specific, fwiw.  It's
apparently caused by bind mounts within the buildd chroot, and the error
is in the test suite, not the utilities.  I have tested the patch in the
BTS today, and could reproduce both the original failure and a passed
test suite with the patch.

There are also a significant number of missing #includes and so forth
that might want to be fixed by anyone considering an NMU, but that's
probably outside the scope of this conversation.
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