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Re: please unblock lush

Dear Luk,

I understand that the transition was quite substantial. But I want
to rehearse my main concern: without those changes, the version current
to etch is just of very little (if any) use -- I really doubt that
it would be used by the users in that shape. I understand that it
might be easier simply to remove it from the distribution, but since
there is interest in lush (as popcon shows), it would become a nice
addition for Scientific subpart of Debian distribution.

That is why I am asking to bend rules little bit to admit lush to etch
(I didn't ask that hard for keyjnote package which was in much better
shape and which didn't get into etch only due to a bug report with
grave importance with no grounds for that)

On Fri, 19 Jan 2007, Luk Claes wrote:
> >Dear Release Team,
> >I want to present to your attention lush package which was recently orphaned
> >and which I decided to take care about in the future, thus I adopted it.

> Diff is rather large and changes in the build system are not something to do during freeze time, so I'm not unblocking it.

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